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Food & Wine

In Italy food is traditionally connected with culture, history and lifestyle, as the different types of climate have enabled the development of different types of quality food products. You cannot “miss” how ItalianSpaghetti1s adore everything that is related to quality eating and drinking. No surprise then that Italy is the European country with the greatest number of PDO (Protected Denomination of origin) and PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) food products.

PDO certification criterion identifies a product according to its place of origin and method of production. The certifying bodies strictly grant this certification only to those products whose total manufacturing process (from raw materials to the packaging stage) is carried out in a specific area and prepared according to traditional methods. PGI certification is primarily related to the quality of a product and techniques adopted to make it, committing producers to carry out at least one stage of the production line in a specific geographical area.mappa vini lazio

Among typical agro-food products from Lazio, Porchetta (cooked whole pork) from Ariccia, pecorino romano cheese, buffalo mozzarella, Carciofo romanesco (artchokes), fragola favetta di Terracina (strawberries), fagiolo cannellino di Atina (white beans), etc.

Of course as well as the culinary traditions consider also the wines, traditionally white wines in the Castelli Romani area, which each family used to produce for their own use. With the cooling influences of altitude, and of the Tyrrhenian sea, the  Castelli Romani vineyards can produce quality wines.

The Castelli Romani white wines are predominantly still and dry, although a few sparkling (spumante) styles are produced, and even the occasional sweet wine in the style of Cannellino di Frascati. They are made mostly from Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes, the classic central Italian white-wine blend. Bellone Bianco is also from  a light-skinned white wine grape variety from Lazio. It has been grown in the vineyards since antiquity, and plays an important part in the light, delicate white wines of Lazio DOC. In fact, it is so significant to the region's viniculture that Bellone is one of only two wine styles covered by the DOC title. Single-variety Bellone Bianco wines are made in the Castelli Romani and in other areas of Lazio.

The red wines here are dominated by a blend equally typical of central Italy: Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Yet more interesting is the local Cesanese, a variety which performs particularly in Castelli Romani, in Affile and Piglio. Although not originally Italian, Merlot maintains its foothold in Italy, and is very popular here, particularly as a blending partner for Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Bellone Bianco has a lesser-known, dark-skinned cousin, called Bellone Nero.

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Food & Wine

In Italy food is tradionally connected with culture, history and lifestyle, as the different...

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